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The Atlantic Sovereign has been warmly welcomed into A&P Tyne drydock to undergo important, scheduled maintenance, and a fit out for upcoming charters. The vessel is part of Atlantic Oceanic’s fleet, and a relatively new client to the A&P Group which is great news for the dockyard and for building new partnerships going forwards.

At 75m long, she is incredibly versatile, carrying out a range of duties as an offshore tug / supply vessel / subsea operator, and was constructed in 1984, making this year her 40th birthday! She will spend a fortnight in dock to undergo an intense remediation programme including a brand new deck crane, removal of both prop shafts, new anti-foul coating, and tank cleaning.

SCA are proud to be part of the team responsible for providing the access scaffolding for all vessels visiting the dock, and look forward to being part of this, and many more projects in the future.