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HMS Victory Mast Painting

The SCA Group Were employed by The National Museum Royal Navy to undertake the cleaning preparation and painting to the Jib, Fore, Main, and Mizzsen masts on HMS Victory.

The project was carried out using Rope Access Technicians, the works were carried out by rigging the tops of the masts and then work down each mast in a methodical manner ensuring all works are captured correctly with the minimum disruption to the daily activities taken place on the vessel.

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Rope Access 

project owner

The Royal Navy

Project Manager

Mr Mike Hocking 

During working periods SCA Group will prepare the lower deck areas by installing a protective covering of Flame Retardant sheeting to all underside areas and this will prevent any excessive material and debris fall out from damaging the lower deck areas.

All areas were barriered off using exclusion zones and applied with minimal disruption for all works.
All washing works were conducted outside of visitor opening periods ensuring no conflict is caused.
A debris netting was also fitted before works begin.
Once the safe system off work is installed the team will be undertaking the painting works to the following specification:

1. Prepare/clean and remove all loose and flaking material

2. Abrade all well adhered paint and prepare exposed parent material as follows.

3. Timber abrade all existing sound coatings to give a mechanical bond suitable for the new coatings to be applied, making sure any bare edges are feathered back to a sound edge. 

4. Spot prime using Sikkens Rubbol plus all areas prepared back to the surface substrate making sure of a 25mm overlap on edges.

5. Followed by the application a full top coat of Sikkens Satura – applied to all surfaces.

"SCA Group Renovates the mast of HMS Victory"

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