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Graffiti Damage Restoration.

We were asked to go along to a heavily graffiti damaged underpass and make good.

There were several stages of restoration and the final stage was to apply an Anti Graffiti clear Glaze.

Work with us


Holbrook Road Underpass

project sector

Industrial Coatings

project owner

Colas Limited

Project Manager

Mr Mike Hocking

Preparation, overpainting of graffiti, and repainting to concrete soffit, abutment and wing walls, followed by the application of anti-graffiti clear glaze to Holbrook Road underpass.
All works was carried out using the following specification and information- 

Proposed & approved masonry coating system for the concrete followed by a coat of clear anti-graffiti glaze
ICI Akzo Nobel approved masonary system for the concrete walls Rust-Oleum Mathys Pegagraff hydro clear glaze.