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SCA Group Monthly Safety Champion – May 2024

Congratulations to Stephen Brown, a dedicated scaffolder at our Govan site, for being recognised as this month's Safety Champion! Stephen's quick thinking and commitment to safety have made a significant impact on our workplace.

Stephen noticed a potential safety hazard during ongoing MEWP operations and took immediate action. By reporting the issue to his SHE Manager and filing a Safety Observation report on his connecteam app, he helped prevent a serious incident from occurring. The team operating the MEWP was able to close off the area below and redirect the walkway, ensuring the safety of everyone on site.

If it weren't for Stephen's vigilance and proactive approach, the outcome could have been very different. Thank you, Stephen, for your dedication to keeping our workplace safe and for setting a great example for others to follow!

Let's all continue to prioritise safety in everything we do. Together, we can create a safer work environment for everyone!