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SCA Marine Scaffolding working on Jetty Repairs at Itchen Quay, Southampton

SCA’s Marine Scaffolding division can currently be seen working at Itchen Quay, Southampton, installing a temporary access platform spanning a section of the quay to allow for the repairs to be carried out to reinforced concrete beams. The spalled / cracked concrete will be removed and disposed of, and the remaining surface and reinforcement will be primed, then repairs will be carried out in accordance with the specification and product manufacturer’s instructions.

The hung temporary access will be installed underneath the existing deck to form a safe access platform constructed using modular beams and perforated metal scaffold decks individually fixed to the scaffold, which will be submerged in line with the tide times in the river. Maximising working times given localised tide times were a critical part of the planning phase, understanding when it would be completely safe for our operatives to be on site constructing the scaffolding.