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Quality Policy

Our Quality Management System is tailored and implemented to every level of our business to ensure we conduct our activities to the highest possible service standards. We view successful quality management as a key component to building our business on the right principles.

To make sure that our Quality Policy is cascaded to all levels of the business, we have identified key principles that give us the focus to achieve our objectives, and ensure that our working practices are the safest they can possibly be, and that our staff and the business itself are constantly striving towards better workmanship, mitigation of risks, improved relationships, and overall exemplary business conduct.

A copy of our Quality Policy is available on request.

Excellent HSEQ performance

To operate our business in a socially and responsible manner, focusing on the health and welfare of our people, whilst protecting the environment for future generations.

Security of our people and assets

To create a secure environment for all of SCA’S people regardless of where they are working. To ensure our people have appropriate training, advice and support to minimise exposure to any security related risks.

Quality products and services

To embed operational excellence into all that we do. To deliver a quality, innovative service that surpasses the expectations of our customers utilising best practice from across the group.

Development in our people

To retain and upskill our employees, providing for all our people to maximise their full potential in line with our future growth aspirations.

Business Conduct

To conduct our business in an open, ethical and professional manner in full compliance with the relevant legislation within our chosen territories and in line with our values and beliefs.

Management of risks

To identify and manage all risks within our business through the implementation of robust systems and processes whilst delivering operational excellence in all that we do.