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We believe that every accident is avoidable. The consistent compliance with safety regulations by all employees and the responsibility of everyone for themselves and the others around them are integral parts of our safety awareness and our safety culture.

The health of our employees is always maintained and protected. Our employees’ mental and physical health is a priority, offering opportunities for self-care to ensure individuals understand they have the support they need whenever they may need it.

A copy of our Health & Safety Policy is available on request.

Wellbeing and Mental Health

At SCA, wellbeing is not simply about being safe and treated well, but is focussed on educating ourselves to be the best that we can, whilst at the same time creating a sense of community around us that encourages all to build our business for the long term.

We take our Core Values and apply these to our Health & Safety approach and risk mitigation, our programme of continuous improvement and development, upholding our ethical approach,  staff retention, and the provision of support and assistance to those who need it.

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