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At the SCA Group, we strive for excellence in terms of Health & Safety at all times, without exception. Our numerous Accreditations and Qualifications prove that safe working practices, and environmental management, are always at the forefront of our thinking.

SCA recognises that the nature of our activities, and the industries in which we work, are fraught with danger and potentially hazardous situations, so our pro-active approach to Health and Safety management, makes sure that we can deliver a safe working environment at all times.

We firmly believe that a heightened awareness of our working environment and surrounding activities leads us to improved Health and Safety performance.

Our Core Values

Our business recognises that effective communication is key to ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of our employees and others. We always seek to keep our personnel informed of any hazards to which they may be exposed, and the best available methods whereby those risks may be controlled if not eliminated.

To this end, our business has adopted a number of Core Values which we are committed to at all times.


Acting with integrity is fundamental to the way in which we want to do business. Operating with a culture of openness and honesty means that issues are surfaced early and we can trust each other to work in the best interests of the Company and its stakeholders. We will not only be compliant with all local laws and regulations but also aim to set the standard for ethical behaviour wherever we work.

Commitment to Deliver

We recognise the importance to our clients of delivering in line with our promises and we strive to embed a culture where every employee is committed to deliver. Our people across the globe are held accountable and take personal responsibility for delivering successful results. Our employees are passionate about our business and driven to create value for our clients.

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

For SCA to achieve its ambition of being the leader in our chosen markets we recognise that we must continuously seek new, better and more efficient ways to deliver our services to our clients. It is this relentless pursuit of excellence and drive for continuous improvement that will enable us to achieve market leadership and sustain that position for the long term.

Commitment To Our People

SCA is a business built on its people. We recognise our responsibility to ensure all of our employees have a safe environment in which to work. We invest in our people to both give them the tools to do their jobs effectively and also to develop and grow their skills. We aim to provide a supportive work environment in which all of our employees can enjoy their work and achieve their full potential.

One High Performing Team

SCA has great diversity, capability and knowledge spread across its business. We aim to work together as one high performing team both across our regions and across our functions to share knowledge and resources in order to deliver the best result for our clients and shareholders.